Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

No one tells the truth. Everybody makes up stories and talks their way out of things. Financially stricken real estate agent Carlos keeps more than the state of his bank account from his fiancée Coco. Coco's best friend Patti has her own little secrets, among others, the affair with her yoga teacher Andi. Andi, who always preaches truthfulness, doesn't practice it himself. Dental assistant Vera is not always honest. And the same goes for Coco's lonely neighbor. Each person in this circle of acquaintances has good reasons for his or her deceptiveness. Andi in much the same way as Vera, Patti just as much as Carlos. Sometimes it's fear, sometimes despair, sometimes it's jealousy, sometimes envy or sometimes even love. None of them really mean any harm; no one wants to hurt anybody. For a long time, however, none of them realize just how much they are deceiving themselves.

tags: Relationship, Women, Happiness, Guilt, Feature film, Spirituality

Cast: Florian David Fitz, Jeanette Hain, Alina Levshin, Meret Becker, Thomas Heinze


Screenplay: Vanessa Jopp, Stefan Schneider

Director of Photography: Henner Besuch, Ricarda Hibbeln

Film Editor: Brigitta Tauchner

Composer: Loy Wesselburg

Production Designer: Felicity Good, Thomas Stark

Costume Design: Astrid Karras

Sound: Malte Bieler, Tina Schulte

Producer: Janine Jackowski

Production Company: Komplizen Film

Co-Producer: Jonas Dornbach

Distributor: Wild Bunch Germany

Director: Vanessa Jopp