The Kings Surrender
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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Big city gangs prone to gangs and a police force way out of control. When a police operation goes awry and two policemen die, the powder keg threatens to ignite. The SWAT team has only one goal: revenge – irrespective of the law. In a frenzied hunt for the perpetrator, it's everybody against everybody else, the whole neighborhood torn apart by one question: is it friendship or justice that really matters?
Walker + Worm Film

tags: Friendship, Violence, Feature film, Urban, Thriller, Crime/ Murder

Cast: Ronald Zehrfeld, Misel Maticevic, Mohamed Issa, Hendrik Duryn, Tilman Strauß, Oliver Konietzny


Screenplay: Philipp Leinemann

Director of Photography: Christian Stangassinger

Film Editor: Max Fey, Jochen Retter

Composer: Sebastian Fischer

Production Designer: Petra Albert

Costume Design: Sonja Hesse

Sound: Johannes Doberenz

Producer: Tobias Walker

Production Company: Walker + Worm Film GmbH

Co-Producer: Philipp Worm

World Sales: Walker + Worm Film GmbH

Distributor: Summiteer Films GmbH

Director: Philipp Leinemann