Some Days Without Music
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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Recommended for ages 8 and up

Sebastián, a 10-year old boy, has just moved to a suburb with his parents. On the first day at his new school he meets Guzmán and Email. As they talk, they come to the conclusion that all their teachers could die then and there and it wouldn't affect their lives at all. Paradoxically, at that very moment their music teacher dies right in front of them. The school closes for several days of mourning. The boys' feelings of guilt moves them to seek out the teacher's family to beg forgiveness. This, in turn, leads them to spend more time together and to become close friends.

tags: Friendship, Youth/ Coming of Age, Latin America, Guilt, Feature film, Urban

Cast: Jerónimo M. Escoriazza, Tomás Exequiel Araya, Emilio Lacerna


Screenplay: Matías Rojo

Director of Photography: Máximo Becci

Film Editor: Andrés Tambornino

Composer: Juan Pablo Di Césare

Production Designer: Diego de Souza

Costume Design: María Luisina Puebla

Sound: Zeco Darde

Producer: Sofía Toro Pollicino

Production Company: Toro Rojo Films, Cinematres, Cubo Filmes

Co-Producer: Natacha Rébora, Pablo Jose Meza

World Sales: Primer Plano Film Group SA

Director: Matías Rojo