The Quispe Girls
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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Based on a true story that occurred in 1974, THE QUISPE GIRLS is the tale of the sisters Justa, Lucia and Luciana Quispe, shepherds in the Chilean altiplano, who lead a solitary life. The recent death of a fourth sister and news from abroad, forces the women to embark on an existential quest that will relentlessly bring them to a tragic end.
Fabula, Swipe Films

"We shot the film in the place where the Quispe sisters lived, 4000 meters above sea level, in the arid mountains of the altiplano. We documented their way of life: an ascetic and primeval world, completely out of touch due to both its isolation and the period that Chile was going through. The spaces that we shot, all part of these shepherdess’ everyday life, are unique. The subjects that the plot touches upon – femininity in an austere world and the end of a way of life – are, in my opinion, universal."
Sebastián Sepúlveda

tags: Women, Latin America, Nature, Politics, Feature film, Animal

Cast: Digna Quispe, Catalina Saavedra, Francisca Gavilán


Screenplay: Sebastián Sepúlveda, Original von/ by: Juan Radrigán

Director of Photography: Inti Briones

Film Editor: Santiago Otheguy

Production Designer: Cristián Mayorga

Costume Design: Muriel Parra

Producer: Juan de Dios Larrain

Production Company: Fabula

Co-Producer: Pablo Larrain

World Sales: Swipe Films

Director: Sebastián Sepúlveda