The Warriors
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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"...I think the most unusual thing about the film was the fact that it didn't present the gang and gang structure as a social problem... This was a movie that accepted their values and essentially understood that a street gang was a defensive organization rather than an offensive one. It didn't preach to them about middle-class values. And I think that's what made the movie unique."
Walter Hill, Esquire, 14 Feb 2014

tags: Action, Violence, Journey, Feature film

Cast: Michael Beck, James Remar, Dorsey Wright, Brian Tyler, David Harris


Screenplay: Walter Hill, David Shaber, Original von/ by: Sol Yurick

Director of Photography: Andrew Laszlo

Film Editor: Freeman A. Davies, David Holden, Susan E. Morse, Billy Weber

Composer: Barry De Vorzon

Costume Design: Bobbie Mannix

Sound: James Perdue

Producer: Walter Hill

Production Company: Paramount Pictures, USA

Co-Producer: Lawrence Gordon, Freeman A. Davies, Laurent Bouzereau

Distributor: Paramount Pictures Germany GmbH

Director: Walter Hill