Johnny Handsome
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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JOHNNY HANDSOME feels like a shiv jammed between your ribs in a prison-yard fight. It's clean and brutal and so ruthlessly efficient that it's opened a hole in you almost before you've realized it. The film is a modern urban fable, set in the Gothic underworld of New Orleans strip joints and back alleys... It's bracing to see Hill sticking true to his vision and, at the same time, looking for new ways to express it.
Hal Hinson, Washington Post, 29 Sept 1989

tags: Revenge, Feature film, Thriller, Grief/ Trauma

Cast: Mickey Rourke, Ellen Barkin, Elizabeth McGovern, Morgan Freeman, Forest Whitaker


Screenplay: Ken Friedman, Original von/ by: John Godey

Director of Photography: Matthew F. Leonetti

Film Editor: Donn Aron, Carmel Davies, Freeman A. Davies

Composer: Ry Cooder

Production Designer: Gene Rudolf

Costume Design: Dan Moore

Sound: Robert Nichols II

Producer: Charles Roven

Production Company: Carolco Entertainment

Distributor: STUDIOCANAL GmbH

Director: Walter Hill