Small Homeland
Filmfest 2014

The story could have been set in any small town in the world, according to Alessandro Rossetto. And yet this film could not have been made anywhere else but in this specific village in the hinterland of Venice. For one sweltering summer, Rossetto made grateful use of everything the surroundings offered. There was a screenplay, but that was 'ready to be destroyed', as he put it himself. In a whirlwind of observation and improvisation, he recreated the story afresh with often non-professional actors from the region. The story is about two young women: the lively, uninhibited Luisa and the dark and angry Renata. And about Luisa's boyfriend Bilal, an immigrant from Albania, and the older man with whom Renata has a relationship. It's a story about blackmail. About rudely sensual youth and conservative elders set in their ways. About becoming what you want and what you’re willing to sacrifice for that.

tags: Work, Friendship, Society, Sexuality, Feature film, Economy

Cast: Maria Roveran, Roberta da Soller, Vladimir Doda, Diego Ribon, Lucia Mascino


Screenplay: Caterina Serra, Alessandro Rossetto, Maurizio Braucci

Director of Photography: Daniel Mazza

Film Editor: Jacopo Quadri

Composer: Paolo Segat, Alessandro Cellai, Maria Roveran

Production Designer: Renza Mara Calabrese

Costume Design: Anna Lazzarini

Sound: Paolo Segat

Producer: Gianpaolo Smiraglia

Production Company: Arsenali Medicei SRL

Co-Producer: Luigi Pepe

World Sales: Arsenali Medicei SRL

Director: Alessandro Rossetto