Broken Trail
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

Set in 1897, Print Ritter and his estranged nephew Tom Harte become the reluctant guardians of five abused and abandoned Chinese girls. Ritter and Harte's attempts to care for the girls are complicated by their responsibility to deliver a herd of horses while avoiding a group of bitter rivals, intent on kidnapping the girls for their own purposes.

tags: Nature, Journey, Feature film, Western

Cast: Robert Duvall, Thomas Haden Church, Greta Scacchi, Gwendoline Yeo, Chris Mulkey


Screenplay: Alan Geoffrion

Director of Photography: Lloyd Ahern II

Film Editor: Freeman A. Davies, Phil Norden

Composer: David Mansfield, Van Dyke Parks

Production Designer: Ken Rempel

Costume Design: Wendy Partridge

Producer: Walter Hill

Production Company: Once Upon A Time Films

Co-Producer: Michael Frislev, Damian Ganczewski, Alan Geoffrion, Chad Oaks, Ronald Parker

Distributor: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Director: Walter Hill