Let’s Go!
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

In 1968, 20-year-old Laura returns to her hometown of Munich to attend her father's funeral. Overcome with grief, Laura and her mother have to face the family's traumatic history. Having survived the Holocaust, Laura's parents stayed in post-Nazi Germany and began a new life there. Their horrific experiences of genocide and concentration camps, however, loomed over their day-to-day lives and had an effect on their children. Will Laura now, in the face of another tragedy, be able to comprehend her parent's traumatic past and come to a reconciliation with her mother?

tags: Memories, Family, Society, Feature film

Cast: Alice Dwyer, Maxim Mehmet, Naomi Krauss, Katharina Nesytowa, Max von Thun


Screenplay: Michael Verhoeven, Original von/ by: Laura Waco

Director of Photography: Wolfgang Aichholzer

Film Editor: Romy Schumann

Composer: Manu Kurz

Production Designer: Christian Kettler

Costume Design: Bettina C. Proske

Sound: Michael Mladenovic

Producer: Mario Krebs

Co-Producer: Ernst Ludwig Ganzert, Michael Verhoeven

Production Company: EIKON Süd GmbH

Director: Michael Verhoeven