The Mamba
Filmfest 2014

'The Mamba' is an international top terrorist, a deadly fighter, sniper, explosives expert and a master of trickery and deceit. Hossein Sarivi, on the contrary, is a submissive husband, who works as a sound designer in a cookie factory. The two men look almost identical, but have never met. When Sarivi is sacked without notice and is looking for a new job, he is mistaken for his look-alike and is sent on a deadly mission to Casablanca. Little does he know that he has maneuvered himself into the firing line of neurotic CIA agent Bronski and has become Enemy No. 1 of the real Mamba. To top it all off Sarivi has to team up with beautiful terrorist newcomer Sherazade who presumes he is the cold-blooded killer she has always admired. While they both have to prepare an assault on a nuclear power plant in France, Sarivi discovers unfamiliar feelings for his fierce partner...
brave new work

tags: Humor, Comedy, Love, Feature film, Thriller, Crime/ Murder

Cast: Michael Niavarani, Christoph Maria Herbst, Melika Foroutan, Proschat Madani


Screenplay: Ali Samadi Ahadi, Arne Nolting

Director of Photography: Marcus Kanter

Film Editor: Bettina Mazakarini

Composer: Marcus Nigsch

Production Designer: Veronika Merlin

Costume Design: Theresa Ebner-Lazek

Sound: Heinz Ebner

Producer: Markus Pauser

Production Company: e&a Film GmbH

Co-Producer: Erich Schindlecker, Mohammad Farokhmanesh, Frank Geiger, Armin Hofmann, Helge Sasse, Solveig Fina

Distributor: Senator Film

Director: Ali Samadi Ahadi