Istanbul United
Filmfest 2014

All over the world today we can witness acts of civil disobedience against the ruling powers. The groups of protesters often consist of a wide range of different interest groups. At times these alliances are able to bridge deeply rooted conflicts in order to unite for a common cause. During the Turkish protests against the ruling AK party and Prime Minister Erdogan in June 2013 such an alliance formed out of the most unlikely parties. For years, fans of the three main football clubs in Istanbul – Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray – have been known all over Europe for their unconditional support of their teams – and their mutual rivalry. Then something remarkable happened: during the demonstrations and clashes fans of the competing football teams united for a common cause for the first time ever. Soon there was a name for their alliance: Istanbul United.
Nippes Yard Productions, Mind Riot Media

tags: Documentary, Friendship, Society, Happiness, Sports, Urban


Screenplay: Farid Eslam, Olli Waldhauer

Director of Photography: Paul Roissant

Film Editor: Fridolin Körner, Jörg Offer

Producer: Olli Waldhauer

Production Company: Nippes Yard Productions GmbH & Co. KG, Port-Au-Prince Films, Mind Riot, Taskovski, Vox Pictures, Pixiu Films

Co-Producer: Farid Eslam, Jan Krüger, Tina Schoepkewitz, Co-Producers: Bilge Elif Turhan, Tanja Georgieva, Laurin Merz, Associate Producers: Dirk Albrecht, Eric Ryhiner, Arno Scheidereiter

Distributor: Port-Au-Prince Film & Kultur Produktion GmbH

Director: Olli Waldhauer, Farid Eslam