Fire And Ice (Open Air)
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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A brilliantly choreographed danse en masse, a homage to nature's beauty and to athletic prowess. A wild dance. Five freestyle world champions look like they are defying gravity. World-class snowboarders take their bodies and boards to the limit on steep sand dunes. Extreme windsurfers exchange the waves of Hawaii for snowdrifts on glaciers, and breakdancers from Brooklyn find themselves in the snowy birch forests of the Rocky Mountains.

tags: Action, Humor, Feature film, Sports

Cast: John Eaves, Suzy Chaffee


Screenplay: Willy Bogner, John W. Howard

Director of Photography: Willy Bogner, Peter Rohe

Film Editor: Marion Imhof, Petra von Oelffen

Composer: Harold Faltermeyer, Panarama, Gary Wright

Costume Design: Jutta Jaeger, Gaby Ortega, Gotthardin Thylmann

Sound: Manfred Arbter

Producer: Willy Bogner

Production Company: Willy Bogner Film

Distributor: Willy Bogner Film

Director: Willy Bogner