Dessau Dancers
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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East Germany in the Eighties. 18-year-old Frank discovers his all-consuming passion: breakdance. He soon finds friends with whom he forms the 'Break Beaters'. They dance on the streets and make it to the top of the breakdance movement in the GDR. That earns him his father's wrath; he has no sympathy at all for his son's activity. But Frank makes even more powerful enemies. The GDR regime does not condone dancing in the streets. But what it can't stop, it attempts to take over and control. The troupe is assigned an official supervisor. Breakdance communist style. It's not long before they're as idolized as rock stars but Frank slowly realizes how high the price is...
Boogiefilm, Cologne

tags: Friendship, Humor, Youth/ Coming of Age, Music, Politics, Feature film

Cast: Gordon Kämmerer, Oliver Konietzny, Sonja Gerhardt, Sebastian Jäger, Rainer Bock


Screenplay: Ruth Toma

Director of Photography: Felix Novo di Oliveira

Film Editor: Martin Wolf

Composer: Marc Collin, Jazzanova, Mathias Arfman, Patrick Catani

Production Designer: Jenny Roesler

Costume Design: Elena Wegener

Sound: Axel Arft

Producer: Janna Velber

Production Company: Boogiefilm

Co-Producer: Helge Sasse, Stefanie Groß, Andrea Hanke

Distributor: Senator Film Verleih

Director: Jan Martin Scharf