Uncertain Terms
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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After catching his wife with another guy, Robbie flees Brooklyn for the countryside to stay with his neurotic aunt who runs a home for pregnant teenagers. As the only man in the house, Robbie inadvertently becomes the object of the girls’ attention… and affection. He eventually meets Nina, who is mature beyond her age and struggling with relationship troubles of her own. The more Robbie and Nina get to know each other, the more 'complicated' their friendship becomes, stirring up jealously among the girls. In trying to save Nina from making the biggest mistake of her life, Robbie gets caught in a love triangle between Nina and her delinquent baby daddy, Chase.

tags: Relationship, Women, Youth/ Coming of Age, Motherhood, Feature film

Cast: India Menuez, David Dahlbom, Tallie Medel, Hannah Gross, Cindy Silver


Screenplay: Nathan Silver, Chloe Domont, Cody Stokes

Director of Photography: Cody Stokes

Film Editor: Cody Stokes

Composer: Blair Brothers

Production Designer: Grace Sloan

Costume Design: Melissa Vargas

Sound: Gene Park

Producer: Chloe Domont

Production Company: Konec Films

Co-Producer: Richard Peete, Josh Mandel

World Sales: Konec Films

Director: Nathan Silver