Never Be The Same
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

Melanie and Walter seem to be happily married but then strange incidents begin to occur. Their house is broken into but nothing is missing. Someone is observing them and Walter is even pursued and harassed by a young man. The situation escalates when they find out that the daughter of their former housekeeper has died. Walter panics when he finds a piece of paper with the words "you will burn" on it. Their humdrum life is increasingly dominated by feelings of anxiety. In addition, their relationship with their son suffers from the ongoing aggressive atmosphere. The growing mistrust unsettles their finely attuned relationship. When they finally manage to break the silence and Walter is confronted with his past, they are both devastated...
Hessischer Rundfunk

tags: Family, Society, Feature film, Thriller

Cast: Franziska Walser, Edgar Selge, Christian Erdt, Luise Wolfram, Sebastian Zimmler


Screenplay: Petra K. Wagner

Director of Photography: Dominik Schunk

Film Editor: Carmen Vieten

Composer: Sebastian Kirchner

Production Designer: Martin Schreiber

Costume Design: Sabine Böbbis

Sound: Majid Sarafi

Producer: Liane Jessen

Production Company: Hessischer Rundfunk (HR)

World Sales: Hessischer Rundfunk (HR)

Director: Petra K. Wagner