Gergiev: A Certain Madness
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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Every year during Easter, world famous conductor Valery Gergiev and musicians from his Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra make a tour of Russia. Travelling by Trans Siberian Railway, and foregoing every form of luxury, they have a singular goal:
Bringing Back Culture To The People.

"We need to bring culture to the people – not the other way round!" says Gergiev. Swiss photographer and filmmaker Alberto Venzago accompanied the musicians on their gruelling tour from St Petersburg to Omsk.
10th Zurich Film Festival, 2014

tags: Documentary, Art, Music, Portrait, Journey, Current Affairs

With: Valery Gergiev


Screenplay: Alberto Venzago

Director of Photography: Alberto Venzago, Markus Zucker

Film Editor: Anouchka Tatjana Malnovic, Michal Leszczylowski

Sound: Simon Stockhausen

Producer: Alberto Venzago

Production Company: Venzago Films

Director: Alberto Venzago