Monsoon Baby
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

For many years Nina and Mark have been trying to have a child, including many unsuccessful attempts with IVF treatment. Adoption is not an option for them. They long for their own child, brought to life by their love for one another. Their seemingly last resort, still illegal in Germany, is a surrogate mother. For financial reasons, they choose India. Nina's fertilised ova are implanted in the womb of a young Indian woman. Everything goes well and Nina and Mark are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their baby when, out of the blue, they receive harrowing news. The surrogate mother has vanished. The German couple, against all odds, starts out on a search for the woman with their child in her belly. For both of them, it is an emotionally stirring journey through a foreign and fascinating country...
Roxy Film

tags: Relationship, Family, Society, Feature film

Cast: Julia Jentsch, Robert Kuchenbuch, Tilotama Shome, Swaroopa Gosh, Loni von Friedl


Screenplay: Florian Hanig, Andreas Kleinert

Director of Photography: Andreas Höfer

Film Editor: Gisela Zick

Composer: Daniel Dickmeis

Production Designer: Oliver Hoese

Costume Design: Esther Amuser

Sound: Udo Steinhauser

Producer: Annie Brunner

Co-Producer: Andreas Richter, Ursula Woerner

Production Company: Roxy Film GmbH

Director: Andreas Kleinert