Angel & Tony
Filmfest 2011

A small fishing harbor in Normandy. They have been sent on the same path by an ad... and Angèle enters in Tony’s life. Angèle is rough and she knows nothing about love... Her attempts at seducing him are met with rebuttal. Not like this, not this fast... he cannot believe that she is here for him... "I wanted to tell a love story, filming it among people I know well: Normandy fishermen became obvious for me. If I had been born in the United States, I would have made a Western. Fishermen as cowboys, the sea as the Great Plains. Nature imposing raw sentiments. Few words, primal emotions, that's what I was looking for."
Alix Delaporte

tags: Feature film

Cast: Clotilde Hesme, Grégory Gadebois, Evelyne Didi, Jérôme Huguet, Antoine Couleau


Director: Alix Delaporte