The Good Herbs
Filmfest 2011

With unusual delicacy and respect and sans the slightest trace of morbidity, THE GOOD HERBS describes a young woman forced to deal with her beloved mother's descent into Alzheimer's disease. Sure-footed direction by leading Mexican filmmaker Maria Novaro creates a densely woven world of women's emotions and concerns, targeting this finely acted film at female viewers in particular. Heartbreakingly real, yet at the same time forward-looking and hopeful, it's an important addition to films coming out on the disease. It won numerous awards at the Guadalajara Film Festival as well as an acting prize for the entire female cast at the Rome fest. Deborah Young

tags: Feature film

Cast: Úrsula Pruneda, Ofelia Medina, Ana Ofelia Murguía, Míriam Balderas, Cosmo González Muñoz


Director: Maria Novaro