Next Goal Wins
Filmfest 2014

In 2001, the tiny Pacific island of American Samoa suffered a world record 31-0 defeat at the hands of Australia, garnering headlines across the world as the worst football team on the planet. A decade after that humiliating night, they remain rooted to the bottom of FIFA's world rankings, having scored only twice in seventeen years. They have lost every competitive game they have ever played. Against this backdrop of serial underachievement, the team faces the daunting prospect of a qualification campaign for the upcoming 2014 World Cup in Brazil. It would take a miracle-maker or a madman to turn the team's fortunes around – and in maverick Dutch coach Thomas Rongen the islanders somehow find both. Rongen has just one month to transform this ragtag of losers into a winning team – and perhaps learn a little about himself along the way.

tags: Documentary, Humor, Cultural Conflict, Queer, Sports

With: Thomas Rongen, Jaiyah Saelua, Nicky Salapu, Gene Ne'emia, Larry Mana'o


Director of Photography: Steve Jamison

Film Editor: Julian Quantrill

Composer: Sarah Bridge

Sound: Richard Lewis, Steven Parker

Producer: Mike Brett

Production Company: Archer's Mark

Co-Producer: Steve Jamison, Kristian Brodie

World Sales: K5 International GmbH

Director: Mike Brett, Steve Jamison