Filmfest 2011

CARACREMADA is the nickname ('Burntface') given by the Spanish Civil Guard to Ramon Vila Capdevila, deals with the libertarian resistance against Franco’s regime through the last active guerrilla fighter. In 1951, the CNT ordered the retreat of its militants; Ramon Vila, however, remained in the woods of inland Catalonia where he continued the struggle, operating on his own. "It was not history, or at least not immediately: the libertarian organisation in exile, the rural guerrilla fighters inland, the collaboration of the guerrilla’s liaisons, the tip-offs, or the bitter life of the Spanish Civil Guard… but the image, more powerful than any other, of a lone man armed with a metal saw who sabotaged electric power stations in the middle of the woods... I still find it hard to gaze at these imposing steel structures without picturing them, for an instant, collapsed, irons scattered, defeated, like elephants lying down in broad daylight." Lluis Galter

tags: Feature film

Cast: Lluís Soler, Aina Calpe, Domènec Bautista, Andreu Carandell, Carles García-Llidó


Director: Lluí­s Galter