A Wolf At The Door
Filmfest 2014

Set in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, A WOLF AT THE DOOR is the nerve-rattling tale of a kidnapped child and the terror of the parents left behind. When Sylvia discovers her six-year-old daughter has been picked up at school by an unknown woman, police summon her husband Bernardo to the station for questioning. Bernardo confesses his extra-marital affair with the beautiful young Rosa, whom detectives believe to be involved in the kidnapping. Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Coimbra's suspenseful debut feature captures the heightened anxiety of every parent's worst nightmare, casting a light upon the cruelties of which humans are capable.

tags: Relationship, Latin America, Revenge, Sexuality, Feature film, Crime/ Murder

Cast: Leandra Leal, Milhem Cortaz, Fabiula Nascimento


Screenplay: Fernando Coimbra

Director of Photography: Lula Carvalho

Film Editor: Karen Akerman

Composer: Ricardo Cutz

Production Designer: Tiago Marques

Costume Design: Valeria Stefani

Producer: Caio Gullane

Production Company: Gullane Entretenimiento SA

Co-Producer: Fabiano Gullane, Débora Ivanov, Pablo Torrecillas, Rodrigo Castellar

World Sales: Mundial Sales

Director: Fernando Coimbra