To See The Sea
Filmfest 2014

Recommended for ages 10 and up when accompanied by an adult guardian

When Tomas gets a camera for his 11th birthday, he decides to make a film about his family and friends and pursue his dream of seeing the sea. He and his best friend Haris go undercover to find out what their parents have been hiding from them and discover what they have been hiding from each other. TO SEE THE SEA is a wonderful journey of self-discovery and truth through a child's lens.

tags: Relationship, Family, Filmmaking, Friendship, Childhood, Feature film

Cast: Petr Simcak, Jan Marsal, Lucie Trmikova, Ondrej Vetchy, Jaroslava Pokorna


Screenplay: Jirí Mádl

Director of Photography: Edita Kainrathova

Film Editor: Jakub Vansa

Composer: René Rypar

Production Designer: Jana Noskova

Costume Design: Katerina Konecna, Lucie Ulikova

Sound: Pavel Dvorak, Klara Javorikova

Producer: Milos Smidmajer

Production Company: Bio Illusion

World Sales: Arrow Entertainment International Inc.

Director: Jirí Mádl