Filmfest 2011

Michal has a good job, a nice apartment and a loving wife and son. Unexpectedly, just before his son's first communion, Michal is sent by his employer to his hometown to pick up a car imported from the USA. He goes reluctantly, hoping the business can be carried out quickly. Michal picks up the car, but before leaving town he visits his father, with whom he's been in bitter conflict for years. At his wife's request, he invites his father to their son's first communion. The father rejects the invitation and the conversation ends in a quarrel. After this visit, an upset Michal gets into the car. His plans of a quick return are thwarted and things take a different turn. There is a car accident and Michal has to stay in town a couple of days longer. As he walks through the city streets, he encounters people he used to be close to; he visits familiar places, so important to him in the past. Something awakens inside him during this trip. He tries to fight it. A banal trip turns into an emotional journey back to a life he has long forgotten.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Tomasz Kot, Ryszard Kotys, Tomasz Radawiec, Janusz Michalowski


Director: Marek Lechki