Frankfurt Coincidences
Filmfest 2011

German Age Rating

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Najila, Abdullah, Ana, Aidu and Udo Schmitz have one thing in common: They all live in the same old building in a culturally diverse Frankfurt neighborhood. Najila, the daughter of shopkeeper Abdullah Aydin, falls in love with Erik. The secret lovers see each other only on weekends, as the cultural identity of neither permits a normal relationship. Najila becomes pregnant... Ana’s parents died when she was very young, and she grew up with her younger sister. She works as a prostitute, trying to save money so her daughter can have a better life. Financial problems from the past force her to escape to her sister and daughter in Paris. Aidu, a refugee, still suffers from the torture he experienced in Zimbabwe. When his application is rejected, Aidu flees to his brother in Paris. Udo Schmitz is a retired music professor and a widower. He plays his wife's favorite song on the piano every day. His son wants to put him in a home for the elderly... A kaleidoscope of people living on the fringe.

tags: Feature film

Cast: David Wurawa, Bolor Sharkhuukhen, Ulrich Günther, Benedikt Blaskovic, Ramin Yazdani


Director: Enkelejd Lluca