Half an Eternity
Filmfest 2011

German Age Rating

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HALF AN ETERNITY After more than half a century Harry suddenly stands face to face again with Elisabeth. Once she was the love of his life, now she is Sister Elisabeth, a Protestant canoness. In 1958, they unhappily lost sight of each other under circumstances that were never really cleared up. Harry disappeared after the riots at Bill Haley’s legendary Rock ’n’ Roll concert in Hamburg. In fact, he and his best friend Paul spontaneously hired on as stagehands to spend their entire lives in the U.S and around the world as roadies for rock bands. Now, fifty years later, after so much time, they show up out of the blue. Yesteryear still preys on both Elisabeth’s and Harry’s minds, and the old feelings come alive again. All at once Elisabeth’s affiliation to her Protestant order is in question...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Cornelia Froboess, Matthias Habich, Peter Franke, Lambert Hamel, Anna Maria Sturm


Director: Matthias Tiefenbacher