The Distance
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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The premise sees a trio of telepathic Russian dwarves hired by an Austrian conceptual artist – a Joseph Beuys type whose clay-encrusted visage makes him look like a reject from the Blue Man Group, and whose walls are covered with complicated-looking equations. Eagle-eyed viewers may spot among the chalkings the decidedly non-algebraic formulation C3PO over R2D2. (Strong in this one, the force is.)
The dwarfs' aim is to steal a certain something from the turbine-room of the Siberian power-station in which the artist has been imprisoned for years – and the film is essentially an 80-minute buildup to the revealing of Caballero's version of 'the great whatsit' from KISS ME DEADLY.

tags: Experimental, Feature film, Surreal

Cast: Michal Lagosz, Alberto Martínez, Jinson Efren Añazco, Roland Olbeter, Fx Vidi Vidal


Screenplay: Sergio Caballero

Director of Photography: Marc Gómez del Moral

Film Editor: Martí Roca

Composer: Pedro Alcalde, Sergio Caballero

Production Designer: Gaby García

Costume Design: Kike Blanco

Sound: Pedro Alcalde

Producer: Sergio Caballero

Production Company: AM Films SL

Co-Producer: Ibon Cormenzana

World Sales: AM Films SL

Director: Sergio Caballero