Filmfest 2011

Rafiq and his family are struggling to come to terms with the loss of his older brother Tauqir, a tourist photographer, who is one of the thousands of young men who have disappeared, since the onset of the militant insurgency in Kashmir. After an unsuccessful attempt to cross the border into Pakistan,to become a militant, Rafiq returns home to an aimless existence. Until one day, he accidently finds his brother's old camera. "Our attempt was to make a film that was an inside-out view, and in that sense it was antithetical to what mainstream Indian films had attempted so far (good, peace-loving Kashmiris and some black sheep... Indian heroes versus rebels and villains). We took three years to arrive at a screenplay, which was just 55 pages long. The whole process was a distillation of the Kashmiri experience in the last two decades." Aamir Bashir

tags: Feature film

Cast: Reza Naji, Shahnawaz Bhat, Shamim Basharat, Salma Ashai, Mudessir Khan


Director: Aamir Bashir