In Our Name
Filmfest 2011

Suzy is a soldier, born and bred, but fitting back into civilian life after being on tour in Iraq isn't easy. Suzy arrives home to a hero's welcome, but it's clear from the moment she sets foot in her house that something's not right. After Suzy took part in a hearts and minds mission that resulted in the death of a child, she's haunted by the memory of the Iraqi girl and becomes obsessively protective of her own child. As Suzy's paranoia builds, her behavior becomes more and more erratic, until finally, she puts her own child in serious danger. "IN OUR NAME explores what it’s like to live at war in a state of alert for 18 months, fearful for your own safety, and then to suddenly be dropped off back home staring at your eight year old daughter sleeping peacefully in her bed. It's about your back garden becoming the new war zone and members of your community becoming the enemy as your mind is unable to distinguish between the sound of a firework and that of a mortar. This is a reality for many soldiers returning to our shores." Brian Welsh

tags: Feature film

Cast: Joanne Froggatt, Mel Raido, Chloe-Jayne Wilkinson, Andrew Knott, John Henshaw


Director: Brian Welsh