Annaluise & Anton
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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Recommended for ages 6 and up

Annaluise (aka Pünktchen) has wealthy parents who are so busy with their social obligations that they seldom have any time for her. Anton comes from a very poor background and works every evening in a little ice-cream parlour as a stand-in for his sick mother. In spite of these extreme social differences, the two are the best of friends...

For her screen adaptation of Erich Kästner's classic children's book, Caroline Link won the Adult Jury Award for Best Feature Film at the Chicago International Children's Film Festival and the Children's Jury Prize at the Montréal International Children's Film Festival. She and producer Usch Reich will be on hand at the special screening to talk with the audience.

tags: Family, Friendship, Society, Literature, Feature film

Cast: Elea Geissler, Max Felder, Juliane Köhler, August Zirner, Meret Becker


Screenplay: Caroline Link, Original von/by: Erich Kästner

Director of Photography: Torsten Breuer

Film Editor: Patricia Rommel

Composer: Niki Reiser

Production Designer: Susann Bieling

Costume Design: Katharina von Martius

Sound: Tomas Bastian

Producer: Christoph Holch

Production Company: Bavaria Filmverleih- und Produktions GmbH

Co-Producer: Uschi Reich, Susanne van Lessen

Distributor: Bavaria Filmverleih- und Produktions GmbH

Director: Caroline Link