Jill In The Box
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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"During the late Sixties, United Artists was interested in making a film in modern Germany. I jumped at the chance and three weeks later produced a script. As a tribute to one of my heroes – the legendary Billy Wilder – I wrote the script under the name Billy Wagner... What followed was pretty much standard slapstick. The movie was a total flop; not even beautiful Iris Berben could save it."
Willy Bogner

tags: Comedy, Love, Feature film

Cast: Iris Berben, Jochen Richter, Mogens von Gadow, János Gönczöl, John Grant


Screenplay: Willy Bogner

Director of Photography: Willy Bogner

Film Editor: Maximiliane Mainka

Composer: Krokodil

Production Company: Willy Bogner Film

Distributor: Willy Bogner Film

Director: Willy Bogner