The Old Donkey
Filmfest 2011

With as much feeling for irony as for justice, the young director studies the older generation from his home village, the people who do not experience the pros but only the cons of a changing China... It is winter in the northern Chinese province of Gansu. In order to build a chemical factory, poor farmers in the village of Gaotai are driven off their land by a local businessman and the party bosses of the Communist village council. But 73-year-old MA, nicknamed the 'Old Donkey', refuses to leave his field. And he just happens to have a crucial piece of land. In the face of all the jubilant stories about the wealth China is acquiring thanks to capitalism, young director Li Ruijun strikes a critical note. The transition from deeply rooted communism with its omnipotent village councils to the free market is anything but flawless, according to the maker. IFFR, 2011 "Old men like 'Old Donkey' have worked hard life-long, while a changing China has repaid them nothing." Ruijun LI

tags: Feature film

Cast: Xingchun MA, Min ZHANG, SUN, Dazhi WANG, Yunzhi WU


Director: Ruijun LI