Filmfest 2014

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SKIFASCINATION is the film with which Willy Bogner began his career as a professional independent director and producer. An attempt to set the spectacle of skiing to music. Willy Bogner became the world's first choreographer on skis.

Please note: This film will be screened with OLYMPIC GAMES 1960.

tags: Documentary, Music, Nature, Sports

With: Lydia Barbieri, Wolfgang Bartels, Willy Bogner, Jerry Bujakowski, Martin Burger


Screenplay: Willy Bogner

Director of Photography: Willy Bogner, Luggi Foeger, Klaus König

Film Editor: Beate Mainka-Jellinghaus

Composer: Benny Golson

Producer: Willy Bogner

Production Company: Willy Bogner Film

Distributor: Willy Bogner Film

Director: Willy Bogner