Years of Love
Filmfest 2011

YEARS OF LOVE Many years after their painful separation, a divorced couple meets at their former home at the North Sea – a self-restored farmhouse they have now put up for sale. Together with their new partners they spend one afternoon and one night clearing out the house, packing up furniture and sorting through the remains of their former family life. But what both parties intended it to be a quick and easy transaction turns out to be an emotional journey back into the "love years" of a marriage: what it was, what became of it, and how it was lost forever. Parting from a place so full of memories, the two ex-spouses are finally forced to confront each other, entering into a long overdue examination of the past… until the present is turned upside down in a way that none of the four lovers would ever have expected.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Iris Berben, Peter Simonischek, Nina Kunzendorf, Axel Milberg


Director: Matti Geschonneck