Hands Up
Filmfest 2011

German Age Rating

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March 22, 2067. Milana recalls what happened to her 60 years before... Paris, 2009. Milana is a fifth grade student of Chechen origin. Her gang of friends includes Blaise, Alice, Claudio, Ali and Youssef. One day, Youssef, whose parents are illegal immigrants, is deported. Milana seems likely to be next on the list. Sensing the danger, the children decide it's time to act. They swear they'll always stay together and plot ways of saving Milana... Les Films du Losange "There's a sense that the people responsible for the present situation, like the cowards who refused to help Sarajevo and those who averted their eyes from Rwanda and Chechnya, can already prepare the speeches of repentance they'll utter in 50 years' time. The elderly Milana recalls a situation that is beyond belief in 2067 - what children were subjected to in France in the first decade of the 21st century - and the question is: How long will it take to realize that what is happening today is quite simply intolerable?" Romain Goupil

tags: Feature film

Cast: Linda Doudaeva, Jules Ritmanic, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, Louna Klanit, Louka Masset


Director: Romain Goupil