Marimbas from Hell
Filmfest 2011

MARIMBAS FROM HELL Don Alfonso has fallen victim to an extortion scheme. Fearing that his neighbors, his fellow musicians, and the neighborhood gangs might harm his family or his beloved marimba (Guatemala’s traditional indigenous instrument), he sends his wife and daughters into hiding. He then flees his home with just his marimba. As if nothing else could go wrong, another tragedy befalls Don Alfonso. Due to economic strife and the dwindling interest in traditional music, he is fired from his job as a musician in a restaurant. Out of desperation, he decides to form a band on his own. He turns to his godson Chiquilin, a street-wise kid who is hooked on sniffing glue, and they look for Blacko, a mythical rocker in the Guatemalan underground metal scene. Blacko, a sometime medical doctor and ex-Satan worshiper turned fundamentalist Orthodox Jew-born-again Christian, is also looking for an opportunity to continue doing what he loves the most: heavy metal.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Alfonso Tunché, Blacko González, Víctor Hugo Monterroso


Director: Julio Hernandez Cordon