Hard To Be A God
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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A group of research scientists has been sent to the planet Arkanar where the inhabitants live under an oppressed regime in a period equivalent to the Earth's Middle Ages. Reading and writing are forbidden. The scientists must refrain from influencing political and historical events there. One of them can't...

"In this age of Netflix, streaming video and burn-on-demand DVDs, it can be all too tempting – comforting, even – to think that there is no more cinematic terra incognita left to be discovered, that all of the treasures of world moviemaking are simply lying in wait for us to dial up in our living rooms. And yet there is the case of Aleksei Guerman, who is indisputably one of the greatest filmmakers alive in the world today, but whose work has, until now, been nearly impossible to see..."
from the introduction to the 2012 Aleksey German retrospective at New York’s Lincoln Center programmed by critic Scott Foundas

tags: Adventure, History, Violence, Religion, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Feature film

Cast: Leonid Yarmolnik, Aleksandr Chutko, Yuriy Tsurilo, Evgeniy Gerchakov, Natalia Moteva


Screenplay: Svetlana Karmalita, Aleksey German, Original von/ by: Boris Strugatsky, Arkady Strugatsky

Director of Photography: Vladimir Ilyin, Yuri Klimenko

Film Editor: Irina Gorokhovskaya, Maria Amosova

Composer: V. Lebedev

Production Designer: Sergei Kokovkin, Georgi Kropachev, E. Zhukova

Costume Design: Yekaterina Shapkaitz

Sound: N. Astakhov

Producer: Viktor Izvekov

Production Company: Studio Sever

Co-Producer: Rushan Nasibulin

World Sales: Capricci Films

Director: Aleksey German