Filmfest 2011

After 30 years as an archivist at a Mexico City insurance company, life is suddenly turned upside-down for 75 year-old Martha when a computer is brought in to replace her. Once she is fired, life loses all meaning for her. With no one around she can trust, and with nothing else to live for, Martha decides to end her life. Compelled by her circumstances, with the help of Eva, the young woman hired to transfer the files to the computer, her thrilling journey towards death will surprisingly lead her... to life. "Marcelino Islas Hernández builds his film around this premise. In order to find an answer, he forces his main character to spiral relentlessly downward. The humiliation of being fired, as well as the separation from her ailing friend, and the consciousness of solitude, tragically converging towards the absence of tomorrow, the director engages in catching the surreal side of existence, the tragic comedy of events, and the sad reality of growing old." Venice Biennale - Critics' Week

tags: Feature film

Cast: Magda Vizcaino, Raúl Adalid, Penélope Hernández, Daniel Garrido, Leticia Gómez


Director: Marcelino Islas Hernández