My Own Flesh and Blood
Filmfest 2011

Suddenly, after an argument with her longtime companion (August Zirner), Franziska (Veronica Ferres) is forced to face her past. 25 years ago she had to give her son up for adoption. Old scars become gaping wounds bringing back memories of her first love Thorsten (Thomas Sarbacher), the ensuing scandal, her physically abusive father threatening to sue her young boyfriend and giving up her child right after the delivery. Now Franziska wants to meet her son Oliver (Kostja Ullmann) at any cost but their first encounter is a huge shock: Oliver is a junkie. Franziska wants to fight for him and is determined to give him the security which she hasn’t been able to give him all these years – but only once she learns to let go a chance of saving him presents itself, although a deceptive one.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Veronica Ferres, Kostja Ullmann, Thomas Sarbacher, August Zirner, Gundi Ellert


Director: Vivian Naefe