Little Voices
Filmfest 2011

LITTLE VOICES is an animated documentary based on interviews and drawing workshops with Colombian children (8 to 13 years old) who have grown up surrounded by violence and chaos. The film revolves around four children who narrate their experiences and involve the audience in the way they perceive their reality. The stories are portrayed using the children's original drawings as they take us along on their journey, sharing with us their hopes and dreams against all odds. In their own words and drawings four children describe the tragedy of the conflict between FARC and Colombian paramilitaries; they tell us about playing war with real weapons, people mutilated in battle, their parents' deaths and those of children their age, and about losing their homes and innocence. An animated documentary that has great dramatic impact. Visions du Reel "After WALTZ WITH BASHIR, the animated docu genre has another impressive entry in LITTLE VOICES." Variety

tags: Animation, Documentary


Director: Jairo Eduardo Carrillo, Oscar Andrade