Filmfest 2011

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12 year-old Rado, son of water polo coach Stoychev, is almost a punk. Mr. Stoychev thinks he's been a good father and can't understand why his son wants to run away from home with the first junkies he meets on the street. "Part of the story has an autobiographical core and part of it is fiction based on similar life experiences. When I was younger, I admired a punk hero from our neighbourhood. I was ready to do anything just to be close to him, to listen to what he was saying or follow his behaviour. So I know how far one young boy can go in imitating his idols." Dragomir Shovel

tags: Feature film

Cast: Cvetan Daskalov, Yanina Kasheva, Kaloyan Siriiskim, Silvia Gerina, Irena Hristoskova


Director: Dragomir Sholev