Police Call 110 - Cassandra's Warning
Filmfest 2011

CASSANDRA'S WARNING Investigating a fellow police officer is anything but an easy start for Hanns von Meuffels, the new inspector in town. Especially since he is from the north of Germany and from an old aristocratic family, he doesn't get a very warm welcome from his new Munich colleagues. When the wife of popular Munich inspector Gerry Vogt is found dead with a bullet in her, his colleagues are even less forthcoming. But then Diana Vogt turns out to be alive. Everything points to the fact that Cassandra, the woman Gerry Vogt had an affair with and later spurned, mistook the victim for Vogt’s wife. Von Meuffels has no other choice but to set a trap for Cassandra...

tags: TV series

Cast: Matthias Brandt, Anna Maria Sturm, Ronald Zehrfeld, Alma Leiberg, Tobias van Dieken


Director: Dominik Graf