Filmfest 2011

The story of a professional killer in Baghdad. He lives in an abandoned building with a displaced family, watching emotionlessly as they struggle. The father, Salih Abu Muhanad, takes out his frustrations with the new immoral society by abusing his unmarried, pregnant teenage daughter Meriam. Her stepmother Kerima and younger half-brother Muhanad strive each in their own way to escape the father’s brutality. The assassin takes no action and merely watches the chaos. He starts his week with a contractual assassination, targeting a professor. In the same week, he continues to murder independently, while his clients get increasingly frustrated with him. In the end, each character’s future unfolds as a direct result of their flaws or undertakings. "We believe that our country has been and is in a state of quarantine, separated from its neighbors and the world. As if all Iraq is in Qarantina - all Iraqis are in Qarantina - and eventually their hearts and souls are in Qarantina too." Oday Rasheed

tags: Feature film

Cast: Asaad Abdul Majeed, Alaa Najem, Hattam Auda, Hayder Munather, Sajad Ali


Director: Oday Rasheed