Filmfest 2011

During a scorching hot summer the tension in a group of young friends runs so high, they decide to murder one of the girls in their group. Dusk is a tragic ensemble film about the emergence of a fascist dictatorship within a group, a dynamic that requires the death of a scapegoat. "DUSK is an ensemble film loosely based on events that recently struck the Dutch nation. In 2003, sixteen-year- old Maja Bradaric was found dead in Nijmegen. A year later, her high school friends were found guilty of the murder. Screenwriter Anjet Daanje and I endeavoured to create a story that would not be a reconstitution of the facts but rather a philosophical enquiry into the roots of evil. DUSK is a film about the scapegoat mechanism and the impossibility of coming to a full understanding of the reasons behind this act of cruelty." Hanro Smitsman

tags: Feature film

Cast: Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen, Gaite Jansen, Roos Netjes, Robert de Hoog, Melody Klaver


Director: Hanro Smitsman