Filmfest 2011

Cornelius Rawlings, an enigmatic lost soul, returns to his family’s Tennessee farm 18 years after disappearing without a trace. With their parents long dead, Cornelius’s brothers continue to live in isolation on this forgotten piece of land. Ezra, the self-appointed mother hen, is a freak for two things: cleanliness and Jesus. Amos is a self-taught artist who fetishizes sports and Satan. Although he’s welcomed, Cornelius remains distant. In between challenging strangers to one-on-one pick-up games, he huffs and drinks the days away. The family’s demons are finally exhumed one day when a skeezy plumber shows up at the farm toting a pretty underage girl, unraveling painful memories of their high-school football team. Only a mysterious drifter can redeem their souls on 4th and goal. Tully creates a backwoods world that’s only a few trees away from our own, complete with characters on the edge of sanity that we can actually relate to. A hero tale gone wrong, SEPTIEN is funny when it’s inappropriate to laugh, and realistic when it should be psychotic.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Robert Longstreet, Michael Tully, Onur Tukel, Rachel Korine, John Maringouin


Director: Michael Tully