The Hotel Room
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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An unsuccessful documentary filmmaker interviews a successful female novelist. He claims that ten years previously both she and he were complicit in an accident of far-reaching consequences. The novelist cannot remember and enters into a dangerous question-and-answer game involving desire and identity. Have both of them built their lives on a crime that they remember entirely differently? The longer the interview continues, the more indistinguishable truth and falsehood become and the more the basic facts of their lives and realities are shaken at their foundation.
THE HOTEL ROOM is a drama about the power of storytelling and identity; how it is constructed and how it dissolves.
kurhaus produktion

tags: Memories, Society, Feature film, Thriller, Crime/ Murder

Cast: Mina Tander, Godehard Giese


Screenplay: Rudi Gaul

Director of Photography: Michael Hammon

Film Editor: Carmen Kirchweger

Production Designer: Christian Strang

Costume Design: Juliane Maier

Sound: Oliver Stahn

Producer: Christoph Holthof

Production Company: kurhaus production

Co-Producer: Daniel Reich

World Sales: kurhaus production

Director: Rudi Gaul