El Sicario, Room 164
Filmfest 2011

An eighty-minute documentary about a hit man. He has killed hundreds of people, is an expert in torture and kidnapping, and for many years was a commander of the state police in Chihuahua. He even received some training from the FBI. He has lived in Ciudad Juárez and has moved freely throughout Mexico and the U.S. At the moment, there is a contract on his life for $250,000 and he is a fugitive, even though he has never been charged with a crime in any country. The film takes place in a motel room on the U.S./Mexican border. The sicario is highly intelligent, very articulate and all too believable. The film is based on Charles Bowden's essay "The Sicario" published in 2009 in Harper's Magazine. "It was all going to be cut and dry: a brief portrait of a murderous freak who has sent hundreds to their graves. The sicario did not answer our questions, he cast them aside as things asked by the ignorant. Days later, he’d show us life as killing and killing as the essence of life itself." Gianfranco Rosi

tags: Documentary


Director: Gianfranco Rosi