This Lovely Shitty Life
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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Mariachi is an essential part of Mexican culture. It's more than just music; it's a lifestyle that views the world from a macho perspective. The business is tough and women are seldom appreciated in this strictly male domain. Nevertheless, a handful of female musicians choose to be Mariachi. The first women mariachi band that formed in 1958 is still performing. And then there's a band of young female musicians who struggle with family issues and their vocation. Against the backdrop of the folky 'Día de los Muertes' celebrations, director Doris Dörrie accompanies them to their performances on the streets of Mexico and throughout their daily lives. When the Mariachi women sing about death, love and poverty, the difficulties of everyday life in Mexico City appear slightly more bearable.

tags: Documentary, Essay, Women, Society, Music, Politics

With: María del Carmen, Las Estrellas de Jalisco, Las Pioneras de Mexico


Screenplay: Doris Dörrie

Director of Photography: Daniel Schönauer

Film Editor: Frank Müller

Sound: Daniel Seiler

Producer: Helge Albers

Production Company: Flying Moon Filmproduktion

Distributor: Senator Film Verleih

Director: Doris Dörrie