Eulogy of Innocence
Filmfest 2011

EULOGY OF INNOCENCE A child is dead. A little girl, apparently hit by a stone thrown by David. The boy is eight. Was it deliberate? Was it an accident? Only he knows the truth. Locked away in a children’s psychiatric ward, David slowly opens up to his young therapist Nora, who is committed to helping him find a way out of the psychoses that envelop his mind. But when her commitment starts to become obsessive, she doesn’t see the damage she is inflicting on her own relationship. Overcome by grief, yet unable to share it, the victim’s parents begin drifting apart as they face the ruins of their once happy family life and the vacuum left by the sudden loss of their little girl. They, at least, have a chance to find their way back to each other. The boy's mother doesn't. She had pinned her longing for stability and security on a new man, who would – as if by magic – turn them into a family and be a father to David. The tragedy opens her eyes to her own insecurity and makes her finally realize that what David needs isn’t a new dad, but a mother who has time for him...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Julia Koschitz, Anneke Kim Sarnau, Jasmin Schwiers, Tim Bergmann, Jannik Brengel


Director: Alexander Dierbach