Summer of Goliath
Filmfest 2011

Director's Statements: "In SUMMER OF GOLIATH I attempt to evoke the sentiment of an entire town. It is a town in which people have grown with resentment to one another. Family members abandon each other, soldiers wish to intimidate people, stories of mysterious deaths haunt the town, and an overall feeling of abandonment lures over all the characters. It is a film that seeks to evoke feelings and desires by emphasizing moments of the everyday. My concern in constructing such a film is to understand and ultimately to evoke the experience of the everyday within this environment, and to convey through film – albeit a visual medium - a physical sense of feelings, place, and culture."

tags: Feature film

Cast: Gabino Rodríguez, Teresa Sánchez, Harold Torres, Juana Rodríguez, Oscar Saavedra Miranda


Director: Nicolás Pereda